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PTC has a grand selection of Legal Beverages and all the flavors of Soft Drinks, Waters, Energy Drinks, and Juices!

At Patriots Travel Center, We have all the typical favorites from the likes of Budweiser and Miller along with a myriad of Craft Beers, from near and far and many, many different wines and specialty drinks all meant to be partaken with the utmost respect and moderation. One should never Drink and Drive any vehicle. Your favorite soft drinks are available, some at the fountain. And Spring, as well as, Flavored Waters are also on Chill alongside all your favorite Energy Drinks, and Fruit Juices. Last but not least is the Coffee brewed to be fresh. Come and stop by our Gas Station!

Shell Fuels

When you fill-up with Shell fuel at Patriots Travel Center, you can relax in the knowledge that our scientists have spent decades researching ways to help you get more out of every drop. Our scientists are passionate about their goal of finding ways to make fuels more efficient while delivering improved performance. Thanks to their expertise and Shell’s advanced fuels technology we bring a diverse range of products which include our standard fuels, Shell FuelSave Unleaded as well as our premium, performance fuel, Shell V-Power. And you can use your Kroger points at the pump or see one of our friendly attendants.


Our Food is of the Highest Quality chosen for it ability to be transformed to Delicious!

Patriots Travel Center is also a Food Mart! The daily delights are the Pizza by the slice, the Sub Sandwiches of many kinds, and the daily Lunch Specials always ready Weekdays. Many Pizza Toppings are available and different types subs also. Hot Dogs with home made Sauce, Steak Sandwiches, and just too many for me to say so you can check the Menu, please and use your Kroger Points Everyday!

Fuel Rewards

Use your Kroger or Fuel Rewards Network Points if you got em!


Also, you can earn Points with your Purchases inside the Store. Or earn FRN points for gas discounts while shopping online or otherwise, by purchasing gift cards, or by paying your Utility Bill. And why buy unbranded non-detergent fuel when you can by Shell Fuels that are guaranteed to keep you engine clean.
Note: Kroger points can not be earned at Patriots travel center, only used on gas to reduce the price


Lottery is a Big Deal to us!


We go out of our way to help you with your Game, but, you will need to pick your own numbers.

For Ohio Lottery Drawing and Winnings Numbers click below!