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Shell Fuels

When you fill-up with Shell fuel at Patriots Travel Center, you can relax in the knowledge that our scientists have spent decades researching ways to help you get the most out of every drop. Our scientists are passionate about their goal of finding ways to make fuel more efficient while delivering improved performance. Thanks to their expertise and Shell’s advanced fuels technology, we bring a diverse range of products, including our standard fuel, Shell FuelSave Unleaded, as well as our premium performance fuel, Shell V-Power. You can also use your Kroger points at the pump! For more information, see one of our friendly attendants.



PTC has a grand selection of beverages and all the flavors of soft drinks, waters, energy drinks, and juices!

At Patriots Travel Center, we have a wide variety of drink options, from all your favorite Pepsi® and Coca-Cola® products, to fresh spring water and juices, and energy drinks to give you an extra kick! You can also get fountain drinks and freshly-ground coffee! We also have an excellent selection of craft beers and wines, as well as other specialty drinks. Please drink responsibly.

Fuel Rewards

Use your Kroger or Fuel Rewards Network Points if you got em!


You can earn FRN points with any purchases made inside the store. You can also earn FRN points for gas discounts while shopping online, purchasing gift cards, or even by paying your utility bill! Why buy unbranded non-detergent fuel when you can buy Shell Fuels that are guaranteed to keep you engine clean?
Please note Kroger points can not be earned at Patriots Travel Center, they can only be used on gas to reduce the price.


Our food is of the highest quality, chosen for its ability to satisfy any craving!

Patriots Travel Center is also a food mart! Our daily delights include pizza by the slice with several topping choices, a great variety of sub sandwiches, and the Lunch Specials available every weekday! We also have hot dogs with home-made sauce, steak burgers, and many more! Check out our menu to see our selection!


Lottery is a big deal to us!

We go out of our way to help you with your game, but you will need to pick your own numbers.

For Ohio Lottery Drawing and Winnings Numbers, click below!

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